Tennis Elbow Torment: Astym Therapy Gave Me Relief

Tennis Elbow Torment: Astym Therapy Gave Me Relief

I never suffered elbow pain until I significantly aggravated it scrubbing and spray painting outdoor furniture for 3 consecutive days. I could not tolerate the pain that followed. I could not squeeze the handle to open my car door or even complete the motion to open a jar lid. I could not carry anything in my right hand and extending my right arm at the computer was extremely painful. I tried all kinds of assistive devices and pain medication but, nothing worked. I was regularly at a pain level 6-7.

Eventually, a doctor recommended Astym treatments at a local physical therapy clinic. I found the treatments interesting and not the bit painful. I began to feel immediate relief and, along with the exercises I was given and the therapy sessions I had, I was down to a pain level 1-2 after 8 visits. Today, I have no pain but am very mindful of my activities so I do not re-aggravate what has healed—I listen to what my arm is telling me! Astym therapy kept me from being a chronic tennis elbow sufferer. My active life is back to where I deserve for it to be! All the thanks goes to my PT and her skillful Astym treatments.

Margaret Smith, Active Lifestyle Gal
Martin, Michigan
Clinic: Physical Therapy One

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