The Answer To Accountable Care

The Answer To Accountable Care

Astym therapy is the perfect solution for accountable care: it resolves common conditions faster and at less cost than other treatment options. In addition, it also resolves conditions that other treatments cannot. All this stems from its research base.

Astym treatment is perhaps the only therapy approach that was produced through rigorous scientific development: from theory through basic science investigation to clinical study and practice. Theories regarding mechanisms of action for Astym treatment were developed based on the foundation of recent histologic research identifying the primarily degenerative nature of tendinopathies, and the investigations into the use of cellular mediators, growth factors and related products to assist in the healing and regeneration of tissues.

Guided by these principles and proposed theories, the Astym process research team conducted their own basic science and clinical research to develop and refine non-invasive protocols aimed at activating a regenerative process. Once the Astym protocols and processes were optimized, clinical studies and trials confirmed Astym treatment’s effectiveness.

In addition to the published, peer-reviewed scientific and clinical research on Astym treatment, perhaps one of the largest case series ever conducted is contained in the independent database known as the Astym Analyst, which contains data on over 10,000 Astym patients. Clinicians from all across the country independently enter data to create a national bank of outcomes on Astym treatment, which shows the actual response rates for each diagnosis, patient type, co-morbidities, etc. Not only does this provide a good real-world evidence base for Astym treatment, it also gives patients, health care providers, and payers valuable benchmark data, so they know how many treatments it should take to resolve a certain condition. Sample outcomes reports are available on the Astym therapy research page.

This is exactly the type of data that everyone wants to show the value of the treatment they are receiving. In this era of accountable care, there is a need to verify that clinical research translates into real-world results, and that is exactly what this data does:  it verifies that the positive results of the scientific and clinical research showing the efficacy of Astym therapy translates into clinical success across a large population.  A goal of the accountable healthcare movement is to provide evidence that the care provided produced value for the patient—as reported by the patient.  The Astym Analyst can satisfy this requirement.  The Astym Analyst data shows:

  • Astym therapy is highly effective and safe across a large population
  • Substantiates the reliability of Astym therapy in the real world, and confirms the results of the controlled studies. The scientific and clinical research of Astym therapy translates into clinical success across a large population. This kind of data is becoming very valuable in the era of accountable care and the Affordable Care Act.
  • Demonstrates the predictability of Astym therapy: expected resolution rates and time frames

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