Astym Therapy Took Care of My Aching Bicep

Astym Therapy Took Care of My Aching Bicep

About a year and a half ago, I fell and severely bruised my bicep muscle arm. I didn’t think much of it at the time but as time progressed so did the stabbing and aching pain. The doctor took X-Rays and it showed nothing out of the ordinary. I had two rounds of steroid shots over the course of a year and they did eliminate the stabbing pains. But, day after day, this deep aching continued. I took every over the counter pain relief pill I could find but it barely touched the pain. The doctor said there wasn’t anything more that could be done except more shots and “give it time.” I signed up with Diamond Physical Therapy for five weeks of therapy for my neck and spine since having two surgeries and told Chuck about my arm. He said, “we can take care of that for you.” Over the course of five weeks with the Astym treatments 1-2 times a week and learning my new stretching and strengthening exercises, I am ecstatic to say my pain has been reduced by 90%!

I am going to continue this treatment and keep stretching and exercising this area until the last 10% of slight aching goes away – No more shots! Thank you to my physical therpist for incorporating this little known and much needed Astym treatment.

Ann Rapp, Astym Patient
Algonquin, Illinois
Clinic: Diamond Physical Therapy


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