The Secret To Boosting Your Outcomes

The Secret To Boosting Your Outcomes

It is an essential part of modern-day outpatient physical therapy practice to obtain and provide proof of positive outcomes. Achieving good outcomes will affect payment for services, insurance contracts, referrals, and an individual physical therapist’s employment, salary, and professional development.

The US healthcare system is always evolving.

How Outcomes Affect Your Practice

Healthcare trends are pointing to value-based healthcare where your reimbursement rates will become more dependent on patient outcomes.




Challenges to Overcome

Despite the increasing importance of providing better outcomes, there are challenges.

For clinicians, outcomes may be adversely affected by:

  • a lack of standardization of care for most musculoskeletal pathologies,
  • a delay between discoveries of better evidence-based treatments and the implementation of these discoveries into clinical practice,
  • and the time and cost of additional training to learn improved evidence-based practices.

For employers and practice owners, outcomes may be adversely affected by:

  • variations in skill sets and experience between employees,
  • the financial cost of training staff and implementing improved evidence-based practices,
  • and the financial cost of supplying the most up-to-date equipment.


The Secret to Improving Your Outcomes

Given the importance of obtaining positive outcomes and the challenge of consistent care delivery, it is important to identify evidence-based approaches that can be applied across a broad range of treatment styles and clinical settings that allow for positive patient outcomes.

Finding these solutions can be time-consuming. We recommend starting with scientific research and clinical studies on treatments you’re interested in practicing. Your main goal is to find a solution that translates clinical study to real-world application.



Where We Suggest Starting

There are many clinical resources out there that have research, data, and other important information available to you. Magill’s Medical Guide provides accessible medical information regarding treatments, interventions, and other healthcare-related topics for your use. 

A few websites that have great up-to-date articles regarding physical therapy treatments and advice about improving outcomes include:

Once you find a treatment or therapy that consistently improves results, implementing this approach will lead to an improvement in your outcomes.


How Astym Therapy Can Help

By stimulating tissue healing, Astym therapy resolves the underlying source of pain, instead of just temporarily alleviating symptoms. This results in consistently improved functional outcomes, better patient experiences, and a higher level of patient satisfaction.



A recent study concludes Astym therapy improves outcomes across the board for patients with a variety of musculoskeletal disorders. More importantly, Astym therapy was found to have better results than every other intervention studied.



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