Amazing Results Post Achilles Tendon Surgery

Amazing Results Post Achilles Tendon Surgery

After heel spur removal and Achilles tendon repair, I was extremely fearful at the thought of PT, as my incision was so painful, I could not even tolerate pressure from my CAM boot. I couldn’t imagine the thought of someone touching the incision or Achilles area.

However, after Kristin’s (my physical therapist) explanation of and confidence in the effectiveness of Astym, I put my full trust in her.

I am thrilled that she included it in my treatment plan & believe it has helped me tremendously in my recovery!! As you can see it was also quite ugly when I started but the results are astonishing!

It not only looks great but more importantly I am pain-free and back to running after my grandchildren!

Thank you Astym & KSR Performance PT!!

Laurie Willkomm


The images below display the progress from post-surgery to recovery. We’ve censored the first image post-surgery to the general public. If you’d like to view the full image, simply click the photo and all uncensored images will appear in a new browser tab.


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