An Amazing Outcome – Astym Therapy Cured My Chronic Foot Pain

Astym therapy cured chronic foot pain

An Amazing Outcome – Astym Therapy Cured My Chronic Foot Pain

I broke the fifth metatarsal in my right foot, 15 years ago while working at my job. The environment required that we wear steel toe boots. I am 5’2 and was assisting a co-worker put merchandise in the overhead compartments. I was told that the movements I performed to hand boxes up with my height, caused the bone to break. After the cast was removed, I continued to have multiple problems. I was unable to drive, work, dance, or walk without intense pain. All the little things in life became unbearable. I tried regular physical therapy but here was little or no change with my foot. My orthopedic doctor gave up on me and said there was nothing else he could do or recommend. I am a person who does not take narcotics well, they make me sleep, masking the problem and not a solution.

In August, a friend asked if the doctor ever recommended Astym for therapy. I had never heard of the procedure and immediately looked it up. I read everything I could get my hand on and decided to give it a try. I called Heartland Rehab and was scheduled for an appointment the very next week. Nicole was amazing. I arrived for the appointment and met Meryl Willingmyre and my life will never be the same. She was always on time, encouraging, and uplifting. She explained the process and we began. The first week was the greatest challenge but I knew this would be the answer I was looking for. If we had know how dramatic the end results would have been, we both agreed it should have been recorded.

After suffering for 15 years with pain that never stopped – this treatment was a miracle.
Thank you Meryl!

Evelyn Stone
Sicklerville, New Jersey
Clinic:  Heartland Rehab Services-Sicklerville

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