Astym – Finally Found The Right Treatment!

Astym – Finally Found The Right Treatment!

After two years of chronic pain, I became despondent wondering if I would ever be able to resume my active lifestyle. My pain began after working for weeks building a rock garden. I carried heavy buckets of rocks twisting and squatting for hours as I placed them in the new garden. I began to feel pain in my pelvic area with lower back spasms. I had SI joint dysfunction, low back pain, and the right side of my pelvis was rotated forward.

I tried traditional physical therapy working on core strengthening and mobility. Although helpful, as soon as I tried walking or biking up an incline the pain and back spasms returned. My pelvis would rotate forward. I attempted acupuncture in conjunction with massage therapy. It only temporarily relieved the pain. I still had difficulty with the simplest tasks like bending over to tie my shoe laces.

Then I began Astym treatment with Lori at Novelty Hill Physical Therapy. Lori recognized the underlying issue–all my scar tissue/fibrosis from the injury and prior abdominal surgeries. The Astym treatment has alleviated my pain and increased my mobility. I am now able to resume my active lifestyle of hiking, biking, and gardening. I am truly grateful for the knowledge, compassion, and dedication Lori brought to my Astym treatment and healing process.

Karen, Astym Patient
Redmond, Washington
Clinic: Novelty Hill Physical Therapy

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