NFL Players Embrace Astym therapy

NFL Players Embrace Astym therapy

I was previously invited to speak to the NFL Players Association.  The NFL players specifically asked me to speak about Astym® therapy, which has increased the performance and extended the careers of NFL players.

The NFL players who receive Astym treatment agree that they perform at significantly higher levels and recover more quickly and fully from injuries that would sideline an athlete who is not receiving Astym treatment.

Even though Astym therapy has a very good reputation for quality and effectiveness, some players have not tried it. Why? Some are unaware of significant improvements it can make in their game.  Others are a bit skeptical. NFL players are fortunate in that they have access to all of the latest and greatest approaches to injury management and performance enhancement. However, the downside is that they often try many highly touted treatments that don’t live up to their “hype.” Naturally, the players then become wary of whether they will see the real results they expect.

After my presentation on Astym treatment, there was intense interest from the players who had not yet tried it. I was talking to these players about how their performance would improve, how their old nagging injuries could disappear, and how their bodies could be made stronger and better adapted to their sport. Just then, an NFL player who said he tried everything before finally becoming a devote Astym treatment fan, chimed in: “This isn’t Voodoo man, it’s the real deal!” I couldn’t have said it better.

Written by: Dr. Tom Sevier, Medical Director of the Astym Program
Dr. Sevier speaks with NFL Players Association