Pain Free Because of Astym

Pain Free Because of Astym

As a fitness instructor, I spend many hours in the gym teaching cardio, strength training, and kickboxing exercises to my classes. I was having a lot of foot, Achilles, and shoulder pain during workouts and with everyday activities. I was having to modify different exercise because I was having pain. I was then told about Astym and have since had many Astym treatments on different parts of my body. Since having Astym done, I am able to workout pain free during classes.

I also had hernia surgery last April and had some Astym done around the scar. It helped break up the scar tissue in no time at all and helped me get back to my lifestyle quicker than what my physician expected. Astym exceeded my expectations by helping me get back on my feet and back to the gym (pain free) sooner than I expected.

Jill, Fitness Instructor
Altoona, Iowa
Clinic: Athletico Physical Therapy

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