Return To Running — Improved Achilles With Astym

Return To Running — Improved Achilles With Astym

Training for my 3rd marathon I injured my Achilles in the tail end of the training program and was unable to do the race. I went through traditional physical therapy, however, returning to running kept on being put off and off. When I was just about ready to run, I went through extensive pre-run testing, jumping jacks, trampoline.. and had a set back. I researched Astym looking for a better way, and could run shortly after beginning treatment.

I was back to running 3 -4 miles comfortably at end of approx two months as opposed to two prior months with traditional physical therapy and much less discernible progress. I was still a ways away from returning to marathons, however, much more hopeful as I train for a summer 1/2 marathon where for some time was afraid would not be able to return to running at all!

Dave, Runner
Chicago, IL
Clinic: Athletico Physical Therapy

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