Sore Heels – Astym Therapy Fixed Me!

Astym therapy is one of the best treatments for plantar fasciitis

Sore Heels – Astym Therapy Fixed Me!

My story begins with both heels so sore I could barely walk. Work was almost impossible. I was referred to a podiatrist who diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis in both feet, but the right foot was worse so I was told to wear a brace at night, given stretches to do, and wear orthotics in my shoes at all times. Well three weeks later nothing had changed so I went back to the doctor he decided to do cortisone shots in both feet. It worked for the left foot, but not the right so two weeks later I went back. By now I am frustrated because the work is so hard to do and it hurts with each step, so I am almost pleading with my doctor. He thinks the next step is Plantar Fascia Release (surgery) on the right foot is the next step and so four days later I have the surgery. It goes without any problems. I am set home to recover. Four weeks later I have a check up and I am suppose to go back to work but I am still unable to walk normal and it is still very sore. Doctor notices a large amount of scar tissue has built up and the pain in my left foot is back so he thinks that Astym therapy would be beneficial. So, I continue with Astym therapy for eight weeks, twice a week and wow is all I can say! What a difference! I can walk normal now! The scar tissue is almost gone and the pain in my left foot in gone! Thank you Astym therapy!

Tanya Anderson
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Clinic: Altru Rehabilitation Center

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