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Astym treatment has absolutely exceeded my expectations. I suffered from severe pain in the upper connection point of my left hamstring. The problem limited the time I could sit while attending meetings at work or visiting with friends over an excellent Oregon microbrew. I could only...

I started playing tennis again and during my lesson I felt a pain in my calf that was unbelievable. I thought I had been shot in the leg - it was that intense. I went to the doctor and was put in a boot and...

At 49, I had finally started to admit I was going to have to give up running for good. After 13 years of low mileage running, I was to the point of such pain that I couldn't run a 1/2 mile without stopping and stretching....

I had a chronic hamstring pull for over 25 years. As a runner, it was extremely difficult to run with any regularity. I visited a sports medicine physician and he recommended Astym therapy. I had six treatments and my chronic hamstring problem disappeared. This was...

I had tendonitis in my posterior tibilias that made running difficult. I love running, but for the past two years, it has been painful. After Astym treatment, I was able to run a half marathon and have been feeling great! Jenna, Runner Corvallis, Oregon Clinic: Therapeutic Associates...

I tore my calf muscle playing beach volleyball over the summer. After a week or so of TLC from my physical therapist, he progressed me to Astym treatments. It felt weird at first and I was unsure of how this would affect my calf muscle....

Back in May of this year, I suffered an injury to my left quad from lifting. I continued to play thru the injury while treating it with ice each night. I had seen the school athletic trainer who gave me stretches. My parents decided to...

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