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I did not know about Astym treatment before we started, but I noticed such a difference in the scar tissue at each session. I would highly recommend it and am going to try it on my plantar fasciitis now. Patty Ruhland, Astym Patient St. Cloud, Minnesota Clinic: Kinesis...

I have been getting Astym therapy for the last couple of months after having two knee surgeries since October 2014. My movements and pain has been getting better progressively ever since. Astym is truly a remarkable treatment program that I would highly recommend. I wasn't...

I had fallen and was diagnosed with Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder). I did physical therapy off and on for eight months. My doctor and I decided to do arthroscopic surgery and manipulation. I started physical therapy again the very next day and went 3 days...

Medical term for injury is ORIF RF Metacarpal Fracture. I broke my hand drilling a hole and the drill hung up causing my hand to twist hard and fast enough to break a bone in my hand. the break was severe enough that I had to...

My life was full of activity: aerobics, races, yoga, and swimming. Then the pain began and I began to stop each activity as the pain increased to chronic pain nearly 24 hours a day. Even trying to comb out my hair after shampooing, caused discomfort....

I was in a motor vehicle accident in October of 2013. I had my left femur shattered in over 30 pieces. I had surgical repair of the fracture. As a result I have a vertical scar running from the top of my left thigh to...

Trying to minimize my chances of inflammatory breast cancer, I elected for removal of both breasts. I later had a tram-flap surgery where they cut across my tummy and manipulated my skin and muscles up to make new breasts. I had a horrific incision from...

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