Ironman Athlete Sidelined

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Ironman Athlete Sidelined

I have had plantar fasciitis for 10 years. Off and on symptoms and pain as i trained for marathons and IRONMAN’s. Two years ago I couldn’t take the pain any more and started getting cortisone shots, orthotics, creams, and physical therapy. Then my doctor told me to try a new surgery called Topaz. I did the surgery and had no success. We were both stumped and ordered to try Asytm therapy. After four months of Astym therapy and physical therapy I was able to start walking, running and enjoying sports again. I am training for a half marathon in Louisville next month and I am so excited to be back as a triathlete. Thank you Astym for saving my feet!

Beth Hinton, Astym Patient, Runner
Overland Park, Kansas
Clinic: TruMove

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