My First Marathon After Astym Therapy!

My First Marathon After Astym Therapy!

I have wanted to run a marathon ever since I can remember. I’ve had 7 children in the past 15 years. My oldest is 15 and a half and my baby is now 20 months old. In between their pregnancies, births, and breastfeedings, I tried to stay in shape the best I could with occasional running but mostly walking and exercise video workouts.

Well after I had my last baby, nearly 2 years ago, I knew he was my last and decided that now was the time I would start training for my marathon I wanted to do. So last January of 2019 I began training.

By May, I was able to run the Ogden Utah half marathon. Right after I completed that race, I was starting to do longer runs and during one of my longer runs, I was just over 5 miles in when I stopped for a potty break, and when I headed back out the door my right side of my leg started to hurt soooo bad. I barely was able to walk home.

I asked a friend of mine who had previously done marathons and ironman races if he knew of a physical therapist he could recommend to me. He told me to go see Chad Tenney at Utah Physical Therapy. I made an appointment right away because I knew I would only have a few months until October 5, 2019…the St. George Marathon that I had signed up for.

When I got to Chad, he assessed me and determined I needed to have Astym treatment on my leg. Eventually, he did both legs and it has worked miracles! He is very professional with his work and made it so that I was able to compete and finish my first marathon back in October!

During my training, I lost 60 lbs of excess weight and built some amazing muscles and friendships with the physical therapy office. I am now beginning to train for the Ogden full marathon in May of 2020…guess I’m hooked thanks to Chad, his office, and Astym therapy. Thank you!!

Jennifer Tracy

Astym Certified Provider: Chad Tenney, MPT

Treating Clinic: Utah Physical Therapy, (801) 628-0200