Neck and arm pain feeling 100% better after Astym treatment

My first visit the astym procedure made a huge difference. My finger stopped going numb and relief was 100% better. Was not fixed at 100%, but made it feel 100% better. Ashli, was been doing a great job, she know exactly where to work on my arm and neck. What a difference astym makes.

Treating Clinic: Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center
800 West 9th Street Jasper, IN 47546 Phone: 812-996-0682 Website:

Thoracic Knots Gone Away! Astym therapy helped my neck and back tightness/pain

I have battled with thoracic and cervical pain and tightness for several years. I finally had the physical therapists at Madison Park PT work on my upper back with Astym therapy. What a difference! I have so much freedom in my range of motion and can go several days without the feeling of knotted up muscles. It has allowed me to go on long backpacking trips without pain and to not be consciously thinking about my spine during my daily life. Astym therapy is truly awesome.

Where I was treated: Madison Park Physical Therapy
3121 E. Madison, Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98112 Phone: 206-324-5389

Pain relief from arthritis & fibromyalgia with Astym therapy

Pain-free for the first time in years! Therapist Mary at Fyzical has been such a terrific healer. I hope more fibromyalgia sufferers could have access to this procedure. The center is professional and all the employees radiate compassion. It is a seamless experience from start to finish. I will continue to use this facility for “tune-ups”and also intend to work with the massage therapist who is affiliated with Fyzical.

Paula J Anderson
Treated at: Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center 1240 Iroquois Avenue
Suite 400 Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: 630-369-1015 Website:

She saved my foot! Severe stiffness and pain was relieved with Astym therapy

Laura Dickinson helped me tremendously with Astym therapy. I had 3 foot surgeries on my left foot and was in terrible pain. I was maimed for a year and a half! I had severe stiffness and nerve pain that was extremely sensitive and Astym therapy was the solution! After only a couple of treatments it became less sensitive to it’s world, at the end of treatment I was able to wear a shoe again. Sometimes to this day I refer back to the treatment and will massage my foot and it remembers the Astym therapy and returns to normalcy. I am very grateful.

Kelli Lewandowski-King
Treating Clinician:  Laura Dickinson,                                                              Mid-Nebraska Physical Therapy and Sports Center
120 West Leota Street
North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: 308-534-0999

astym therapy is a miracle worker for my injured ankle and foot

i have broken my ankle four times. I have an insane amount of scar tissue in my feet and I was constantly in pain. By the end of the day my foot was so swollen and had hardly any mobility. I tried typical pt with no change. When I started with my new pt, she suggested Astym therapy. The effect was immediate. The fluid buildup reduced. My mobility increased. My pain is almost down to zero. I went from barely able to walk to doing Crossfit seven days a week! It has been a true miracle worker.

Kelsey Staudacher
Treated at: Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers-Indianola
1709 North Jefferson
Suite 100
Indianola, IA 50125
Phone: 515-962-9272

Astym therapy and Half Marathons – it keeps you running

I have nothing but praises for my PT Kate and the astym process. I came to her after dealing with plantar fasciitis for about 2 months. I am a long distance runner and triathlete so I needed my feet to not be causing me pain. This process has kept me running, and have continued to be able to run during this process…even did a half marathon, which I Pr’d two weeks ago.  I would highly recommend this process!

Tracy Flak
Athletico 1485 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 100
Howell, MI 48843 Phone: 517-545-5880

Ironman athlete sidelined

I have had plantar fasciitis for 10 years. Off and on symptoms and pain as i trained for marathons and ironmans. 2 years ago i couldnt take the pain any more and started getting cortisone shots, orthotics, creams, physical therapy. Then my dr told me to try a new surgery called Topaz. I did the surgery and no success. We were both stumped and ordered to try Asytm therapy. After 4 months of astym therapy and physical therapy i was able to start walk, running and enjoy sports again. I am training for a half marathon in Louisville next month and I am so excited to be back as a triathlete. Thank you Astym for saving my feet!

Beth Hinton
Clinic where I was treated: Sport + Spine
7279 West 105th Street
Overland Park, KS 66212
Phone: 913-642-7746

Thank God for Astym therapy – it cured my plantar fasciitis even after all other treatments failed!

I suffered with chronic plantar fasciitis for well over 2 years, spending $thousands on shoes, expensive orthotic inserts, braces, injections, doctors, and unsuccessful physical therapy. I started went to Elite Physical Therapy in Tacoma in late January of this year as I wanted a fresh start to get rid of this chronic ailment /Pain.  I began treatment on my feet with Astym therapy and within weeks, I am almost symptom free! I feel like I have had a miracle as my feet did not respond to any other treatments. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has suffered and at the point where they feel like there is no hope. Astym treatment gave me back my active life style and I thank God for this method is in treating chronic plantar fasciitis. To the inventor of this method — thank you! Thank you, Astym therapy!

Elite Physical Therapy
Tacoma, Washington

Astym Therapy Works!

I started receiving Astym therapy after my Dr. diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis. So far I’ve had about 6 treatments and as a result I can feel an improvement in my foot pain. Hopefully the next 6 will get me pain free!

Paul Smith
Clinic where I was treated:                                                                                   SERC of Liberty
1512 NE 96th Street Suite A Liberty, MO 64068
Phone: 816-792-0775

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